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Making Flower Arrangements





Hi, I'm Emma and welcome to The Silk Petal Studio! So let me tell you a bit about how this all started!

When I got married way back in 2017 I was lucky to have a florist/family friend to arrange fresh flowers for my wedding day. Even though I didn't know what they would look like until the day, as is the way with fresh flowers, they were gorgeous and I didn't want to put my bouquet down!

We got married on one of the hottest days of the year and unfortunately, after a couple of hours, the flowers inevitably started to wilt. The next day I was going on honeymoon so I gave them to our wedding guests to take home and that was the last I saw of them!

My flowers were so beautiful and I wish I could have more than the photographs to remember them by. That got me thinking - there's got to be another way to do wedding flowers that looked just as good, were stress-free and you could keep afterwards. Five years ago, however, the quality of artificial flowers just wasn't as good and that was that.

It was last December 2021 when I decided to revamp an old Christmas wreath and I rediscovered faux flowers at my local garden centre. I couldn't believe the realism and high quality of faux flowers now.

There are so many benefits to using faux flowers, from the varied colours and availability at all times of the year, to knowing exactly what your flowers will look like before your big day and most importantly how much they cost - which works out a third of the price compared to fresh!


I am a complete faux flower convert and spend a lot of time sourcing the perfect blooms to create something truly special for all my wedding couples. Every order I make is handcrafted with love and care to give my clients the best for their special day. 

Thank you for visiting my website and supporting my small business! 

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